Thursday, March 27, 2014

12/29/2013 Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas family!

We had a really hard week because no one wants to get taught on Christmas!! We did talk to a lot of people though. I love inviting people to learn, especially hear in the Philippines because they will all say okay, come back. The only problem is, when we come back they either hide, yell at us to leave sending there dog out, say they're too busy, or rarely say come in. But the initial first talk with them is really fun, Filipinos are hilarious.

For Christmas Eve we went to President Magrada's (the 2nd counselor) and ate American meat and chili Hot dogs. Than on Christmas we went to a members house ate and jammed the guitar and piano, I learned a lot of Christmas songs on the guitar!

Thanks for all that money you guys gave me! I needed it super bad! haha. When again is Bianca going and coming back to China?

I hope you all got what you wanted and gave what others wanted! Hopefully it snows again for you guys! I miss snow bad, its hot season over here.

We baptized an elderly woman (79 yrs old) the other day, Aida Abadilla. She is still strong and walking a long ways to go to church.

I got to sing in a choir for the branch yesterday, I had a solo haha, it was perfect for my range. No mom, nobody recorded it haha. But it sounded okay, except for some others haha.

I love you guys a lot! Go to church, don't go by the church, go to the church. Read the scriptures and share the gospel or we won't have the blessings we need, it's simple.

Elder Kapeliela

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