Monday, March 3, 2014

Dec 15th

The week started off pretty bad for my companion. He had a really, really bad day last Tuesday. While on the way to district meeting he hit his head on a roof (yeah, we're that tall here) and got a gnarly scratch that left a scar from his forehead, over his eye lid to his cheek. We laughed that one off and then went to district meeting. After the meeting we went to McDonalds to eat. When he got all his food on a tray and started walking towards the table he tripped and all the food fell and spilt all over him. We were able to laugh that one off a little too. Well I did the laughing and he did the offing haha. Anyways, the day rolled on (get how I said rolled) and we were headed down a giant cliff/stairway and were hustling to get down in time for our appointment. While hustling I got about 20 steps in front of my companion, looked behind me and saw my companion on his butt holding his ankle. He had stumbled a bit and twisted his ankle. His ankle swelled as big as big as an average size red fire extinguisher I swear, he not a small guy either, he's 6' 3" 270 pounds. He's a beast though and was able to walk to a Jeep. that kind of stopped the momentum we had for the start of the week and we had to stay home all day except at the end of the day when I got a branch missionary to stay home with my companion and the 2nd counselor of the mission to work with me. The rest of the week went that way until Friday when he went out with me again.

We only had 15 lessons, but through them we got 7 investigators to go to church. 4 was a family of a mom and dad and two daughters, the other was a mom and her daughter and the other was our 79 yr old grandma! She's getting baptized this Saturday. Our zone is doing really, really well! Through the trials and rejections the works still Rollin forth.

That Christmas devotional last night was amazing. I hope you all got to watch it. Elder Nelsons talk was really, really inspiring. I want you all to hear it! Don't forget the true meaning of Christmas. I have some cool new ideas for Christmas traditions we can do! I'll write it to ya'll in my letters!

Take it easy, I love you all!

Elder Kapeliela

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