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November 24th, 2013 Hello

Nov 24 
How's everyone doing?! I miss you all! Tell me how everything is! Happy Thanksgiving by the way! Eat a ton! Next week we have a dinner appointment to a steak house, ya I'm loving it here in mini America haha.

This is the story how I heard it.

There's a girl in our mission that came from Tacloban mission that had a crazy story! She was in her house with 9 other sisters when the storm hit and the rains came downs and the floods really came up. They went to the 2nd floor when the rain started to get really bad but they realized that their is no way out of the house but the bottom and by the time they realized that the water was in the 2nd hip neck high. There was no way for them to get out from the top because all windows in the Philippines have grills (those cage things like the ones on the hales at byu-h). So she swam down the stairs a couple times and finally into the laundry room and punched a window in and went back up stairs to tell them what she found. Half of those girls couldn't swim so they had someone that could take them. She lead each of them through the flooded 2 story house (the flood was close to reaching the top) and out the laundry room outside and they went and sat on their roof, ya, it was that high of a flood. But apparently the worst part was holding on top of the roof while world record winds and rain slammed on them for 3 hours till they were saved. She saved all 9 of them, isn't that crazy?! Well, shes companions now with her cousin here in this mission (Sister Lowe) apparently she got super traumatized so the area 70 sent her to her cousin. I feel bad because its a complete different language here. Anyways, that's the cool story I have for you.
I'm glad your all caught up on the news! I'm so excited to hear about that event you are having, mom! If it's indoors maybe dad could sell shave ice! Who's gonna participate? Update me when you can about it!
Well our work got so much better! I knew It would! Our investigators went to church! We will now baptize a father of 4 this Saturday to complete their family, the Cenon family! We baptized his wife last month, I sent you that picture. So we will have baptized his entire family! At first when I got here he had a bad smoking problem and was really shy around us but we really focused on him. His wife was awesome and always supported and helped him out! We bought him a ton of mentos so he wouldn't smoke and he miraculously in time quit smoking with-in a week and is now interviewed and ready to get baptized! Another potential priesthood holder will get baptized this Saturday. His name is Marvin! He's a boyfriend of an active member. He comes to church with a white button up and tie! He already looks like a member so all the members didn't know he was only an investigator!
The other day we ate some tim tam slams. they are too good to be described. We have a house mate from Australia named Elder Lockley who got some from his mom. When I get home we will eat them too!
Other than that I've been having fun with my companion and zone. We will again achieve the standard of excellence as a zone and this will be my 5th time in a row as a zone leader! All my zones are on fire and they are all training except for one companionship haha. We will have 18 baptisms as a zone and 26 less actives return. I'm just happy the work is back to its strength again. It really is good to struggle sometimes though, it helps you grow and be even more obedient.

I love you guys a lot, keep living the gospel!

Elder Kapeliela

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