Thursday, December 12, 2013

Dec. 1st Happy December!

Dec 1 at 6:58 PM 
Hey everyone! It's December now so kids always come up to us singing Christmas songs and asking for money. If they're good I'll actually give them something! haha

I had an awesome week here in Olongapo! We got rejected a lot but I have never let it get me down since I know the message is true. What's the point of getting sad anyway, right? One thing that weirded me out last week was that a lady in the branch called us at 10 pm crying about her husband who she said left him. I don't know why she comes to us missionaries for personal problems... It really makes me realize how young I really am, I have no idea what she wanted from us 20 yr olds haha. Weird huh?
Well our zone got 17 baptisms and 27 Less Active Returns so that means we reached the standard of excellence. We're going to a huge sports place later on the Subic base to play tennis, football basketball and stuff, it should be really fun! This is the sixth time in a row that we reached the standard of excellence! We're on fire!

Last Saturday we baptized Ed Cenon (39 yrs old) and Marvin (18 yrs old). Ed was the final addition to his family (we baptized his wife and 2 kids last month so now we completed the family!!!!) He will be a great mel priesthood holder in the future and we're hoping Marvin will be a missionary next year.
Well we're not allowed to jog in this mission so I've been having a hard time losing weight except for the mountains we climb. I weigh 94 kilos!!!!! I left at like 85 so I am doing the 8 months to sexy diet/ workout haha. So if you got some ideas, throw them at me.

This Wednesday is transfers so stand-by for the info next week!
I miss you all!
Elder Kapeliela

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