Thursday, December 19, 2013

Dec 1st Part 2

Remember This email I sent you on Oct 7? 

"I just got back from the beach!!! We played volleyball and ate the best BBQ stake pig and fish mmm! I promise there will be pictures of this on President Querido's facebook page for the Olongapo mission! We got to go there as a zone for achieving the standard of excellence. This is the third time in four months that we achieved the standard the excellence as a zone!
We have had some very spiritual days this week that I would like to share with you.
Firstly, we went to a mountain in one of our areas and decided that we wanted to tract it because there were 100's of houses on this mountain and I've been in this area for over 5 months and I had not been up it yet. Well we decided to walk up it and try to teach there. As we were walking we saw a house with a tricycle on it (a dirt bike with a side car) so we decided to tract it since they could at least drive to church. Well he invited us in and we taught his whole family! There were about 6 of them and they all committed to baptism, and going to church. I then realized that he was a brother of a person I baptized in my last are Cabangan! It was totally meant to be that I met him! After that we decided to keep going up this huge mountain. While walking we saw a biker, he was going up a VERY, VERY steep hill so he was GOOD (he was the champion of the huge Baguio city race). We kept up with him and eventually came to the end of the street. We found out that there was absolutely not one person in any of the 100s of houses that we always saw on this huge mountain. The man had told us that he cursed God the night before for "ruining his life" (He divorced his wife, he lost his job as a secretary to the Governor, and has no kids at his new home). While teaching him he knew that we were sent from God and he commited to Baptism, and receiving the Priesthood one day and most importantly he accepted that God is loving. We changed a family's life and a bikers life on that one mountain and I will always remember how the Lord sent me to these wonderful people.
Don't forget that God is loving. We were all like rocks when we got on this earth and God chips us (gives us trials) that we might grow and become a beautiful statue and like our Lord Jesus Christ.
I love you all!
Elder Beau Kapeliela"

HE GOT BAPTIZED!!! This is his baptism picture!! Apparently on fast Sunday he shared the story of how we met him on that mountain and brought the gospel into his life. He got baptized in my 2nd area and will be such a strong member!

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