Tuesday, November 20, 2012

November 4th

Kumusta kayo!!!!!!! So I just realized a couple days ago that people have been speaking 2 different dialects... ilokano and kapangpangan... Sooo that's why I haven't been understanding. haha I'm
learning kapangpangan for fun haha. There is a little town called Mabatang and it has its own language. I think that's crazy! So anyways for Bryan and Austin, this language in the middle of the ocean and in this tiny city in my tiny area is very special to my heart. Yes in Capangpangan is Oowa. They just spell it like uwa. So imagine your talking to someone and they respond with oowa everytime you ask a question and they are dead serious and try not to laugh. Its impossible. when I ask something and they say, oowa, I have to leave the room.. hahahaha.

What I also notice here is that everywhere is just a huge party where everyone shares everything and music is blasting everywhere and people are always in huge groups. It's like a giant party here haha. I love it!

Anyways, last week I talked about how difficult of a week it was, although it was difficult it was the best experience of my life, and I grew SO much so that when my new companion came, we blasted lessons with such power. He's the former assistant to the president so he's a good missionary. But he's so good that he makes me lead all of the lessons so that I grow. Its hard but I really feel like I have mastered most of the lessons. I can say I'm fluent when I talk about the gospel. Haha, seriously. Anyways, ya, I have grown SO much by those horrible difficult days.. But I made the best out of it with the ward missionary. I made games for finding people and it was a blast and I taught him how to approach people and everything. It was amazing how much I grew and how much faith I had to put in the Savior. He really did help me when I needed him. I've also been having to lead my new companion in the area and I can say I've mastered my area now.

We're teaching an iglesia ni cristo member. Look them up, they believe Christ was a man and not a God. They are extreme, I'll tell you how it goes!

Well I can't express enough how much I love you all! Families are forever! and I cant wait to share that message with every single person in my area! Love you all ! Help the missionaries in your area and give them referrals! Members are full time finders and missionaries, full time teachers!

INgat kayo! Elder Kapeliela

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