Monday, November 19, 2012

This was sent Oct. 28th

BAPTISM!!!!!!!!!!! It went so well!!! I baptized Julie Ann and Andria Sapinoro! Their dad told us that he wants to be baptized now! So We're gonna start giving him the lessons tomorrow! So that's my 5th baptism now! By the way, we opened this area. That means there were no missionaries that were working here before us and we had to find all our investigators. The lord blessed us so that the investigators found us! Plus in order for investigators to be baptized they have to go to church 4 times in a row! In a row! But it's all about faith right!?

So my companion is home now so My "companion" is a ward missionary. Brother Salazar from Cupang. This is the hardest thing I have ever done and I need all your prayers. I can hardly understand people , it was easier with my companion. Now that I'm leading I have to focus on a ton more than just what people are saying. Its in a way depressing but a better word is its EXTREMELY HARD. But I know I'm growing so I have to endure... My new companion comes Wednesday. So I have to teach and lead the area until then.

There is no Halloween here, its call Araw ng mga santos, or All saints day like Mexico. They tail gate on their graves. It's interesting because the graves are on mountains.

Just something funny I heard a little girl say. She said to her mom, "Mom, why don't leave leave dad for a foreigner? They have more money and that's what all the other moms are doing." Hahahaha sooo messed up haha.

We had a typhoon lvl 1, 2 days ago. It was raining ALL day super hard and the winds were hard too. But the heart of the storm was in Cebu so I was lucky. It didn't affect our work too much. But we ran to the investigators houses and we were soaking wet!
Love you all! Have a good Halloween! Be careful with my xbox Bianca!

Ingat! Elder Kapeliela

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