Thursday, July 3, 2014

March 31, 2014 Another....

I had a great experience teaching the other day. We went to a referral that we got on Sunday and taught her (the referral) with such power and spirit. At the end of the lesson after I shared the 1st vision and how Christ told Joseph not to join any sects, the lady looked shocked. I then perceived to ask her what she was feeling, and she told us of a dream she had many many years ago. She portrayed her dream explaining that she was in heaven, and that there were scores of doves amongst the clouds. A man walked up to her who she exclaimed was Jesus Christ. He walked up and said to her, all of these doves are beautiful on the outside, but only one is true on the inside. I then testified to her that what Jesus told her in the dream was what Jesus told Joseph. I revealed to her what it truly meant. That there are many beautiful churches on the outside, but only one true one on the inside. I know how important it is to say all of the doctrine of the lessons. If there is even one little part of the doctrine left out, the people you teach might not have experiences they would have if you said them. If we didn't share the 1st vision in the right way, she might not have remembered her dream. It's so important to give the doctrine fully and to ask inspired questions. It's what the Lord did and what we must strive to perfect. I know there is one one true living church and that's the Church of Jesus Christ of Letter-day saints. She agreed to baptism for the second Saturday of May.

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