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March 16th, 2014 Hi Family!!

Mar 16
I had a great week, in fact I have stuff that I can write about!

Today in basketball I hit 15 out of 18 3 pointers, 3 of them 5-10 ft out of the 3 point line in a game against some Filipinos. They thought we were NBA players after how me and Elder Yardley (an Elder from Idaho who is my house mate) were dropping shots from around the arc. I made a fade away shot in the corner (left side) like Kobe and the Filipinos went crazy. That really helped them want to listen to our message!

Our stake conference hit a record with 1,036 people! That's the most since Elder Holland came (1,079) came to that one. This stake is really progressing!

We've been teaching a family for a couple weeks now, the Capasite family and they are still progressing towards baptism! It's a family of 6 with 4 eligible for baptism. They are getting married and then baptized on the 29th of March! We gave the dad a nice white shirt and tie, and some slacks. The sister was also given a skirt from a member! They are super ready for baptism and have family prayer every night and read the Book of Mormon everyday! We are having a family home evening with them later! I'll have baptized two families within two months after this!

Also, we have an investigator named Jimmy Tallada who is 28 and searching the church diligently to find out if it is true and he has been going to a different ward because he has friends in it but with some help from some fit fellowshippers, he decided to give the ward he's supposed to go to a chance. Yesterday he went to our ward and then the other one as well, so he ended spending 6 hours at church! What an investigator! He has such great faith and has been having many trials. Last week while playing basketball he tripped and fractured his arm and just got out of surgery. We were concerned about his cast because he can't get baptized (he is super excited for his baptism on the 29th) with a cast on so we asked him when it will be taken off and he said, "on the 28th" so we are super excited for him. The Lord has been preparing him. He's an engineer and brilliant with a soft heart and humble purpose. 

The other day we were asked to give a blessing to a baby that had measles. That baby was covered in red spots and rashes, it was hard to look at, and the baby wouldn't stop crying. We preceded with the blessing and ended with the room quiet and the baby silent. The next day, after weeks off fighting the sickness, her skin was pure and she had the biggest smile on her face I've ever seen. Her less active mom since then has changed her ways and has been going to church and reading the Book of Mormon.

Our mission is pumping out records left and right  with baptisms and less active returns. This month the mission is expecting for 216 baptisms which will beat the record by 60. Our zone will be contributing 20 baptisms and my area, 6. 20 would be the record for my zone since their are on 17 of us here. We are doing well and working hard, enduring to the end of our missions.

I love you all and will send some pictures over the mail, the computers are too risky here, Elder Orndorffs memory card got deleted. So I'll just send hard copies. Thanks for your support!

Elder Kapeliela

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