Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Baptizing Families!! Feb 23rd, 2014

This has got to have been one of the best weeks of my life!!!!! Let me just give you a quick summary before I type away, rats, demolished. Cornel family, baptized!! Elder Orndorffs little brother, State champion! Birthday money, new shoes and pants! Excited to hear about it?

So I'll start with the rats and end with the family we baptized.

On Monday I bought a rat trap. It's a cage about 20 in. long and 6 in. wide with a door that shuts when they eat the peanut butter bread we put there. About 5 minutes after we put it there set up we caught a big fat rat and killed it (theres no chance of me getting bit, don't worry). The next day we got 3!!!!!!! We got the HUGE one when we used spam with nutella on it (that was our breakfast that day, its soooo good!). We'll probably have another one when we get home too! I love it! It was totally worth 5 dollars for that trap!

Oh ya, Elder Orndorffs little brother won state for heavy weight yesterday. He pinned every kid at the state tournament and went 45-0 for the year and 40 of them were pins. This kids a monster! He's only a junior too, so next year he'll do even better!

Thanks for the money you gave me, All my shoes had holes in them so I am happy for the new shoes I bought! Also I bought some new pants that were much much needed, its hard to have things last long hear, especially since we walk and hike everywhere to be able to get to people haha. It's super dusty here because when grass grows Filipinos rip it out because they think its ugly. I still don't understand that, they should just let their grass grow hahaha. So thanks again!

So last night we baptized a family! The Cornel family! The baptism was packed! The whole mission presidency was there! President, 1st counselor and even 2nd counselor of the whole mission!! Also, pretty much every auxiliary from the branch was there to support! The couple missionaries, who are very critical when it comes to baptisms said, "It doesn't get better than that." It wasn't even us that set up the baptism (it usually is) it was the branch! The branch is sooo awesome! They got excited since it was a family and everyone participated in helping them learn this perfect Gospel. They bore such strong testimonies, they have a firm belief in this Gospel and I know will be great active leaders one day! I wanna go through the temple with them when the time comes next year! Two days before the baptism they had many many trials, the little brother of Brother Cornel died from cardiac arrest in Saudi arabia, 33 yrs old and it hurt him super bad. He never doubted the church though and knew he would be made stronger through those trials. Their conversion story is amazing. Their family was struggling the whole year of 2013. They went inactive from Born-agains, brother was very active back then and even became a missionary, he knows the bible very, very well. Well, sister Cornel prayed in November that the Lord would lead her to the right church where her family could be more stable and established and the next day after work she said, "Something was telling me to talk to a man, it was like a light push and whisper, talk to this man" so she talked to him and asked him, knowing that he was religious, if his church had a bible study. He quickly got her address and texted it to us 5 minutes after his conversation with her (He is an active member of a different branch) and me and my last companion Elder Kidd had been really unlucky that day with lessons and went to the referral right away since we were close. When we got there it was only brother Cornel and the kids. 10 minutes later sister Cornel comes in very confused. She then realized how much Heavenly Father loves them and how fast Heavenly Father answers our prayers. She prayed the night before and we got to her house with the everlasting Gospel before she even got home from work. As soon as she heard about the Word of wisdom she quit coffee, she had been drinking over 5 cups a day. Brother Cornel also received answers to his prayer through the spirit and answered questions that had been bothering him for his whole life. They are such a golden family and is the cutest family at the church every week haha. We sang "I need the every hour" and it sounded amazing. We had some great singers in that mini mens choir. Me and Elder Orndorff swear there were angels singing behind us. 

Well that was my week, and if I get transferred on Wednesday, I'm leaving having kicked some butt in Olongapo.

Love you all!

Elder Kapeliela

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