No one told me how their 4th was!! Mine was awesome! I sang the "National Anthem" a ton haha. And the lightning gave me a SICK show! The lightning was gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Over the sea!!! It was epic! and far away, so I was safe haha. Soooo cool, I cant wait for you all to come here and pick me up!

This last week was alright! My companion got sick so we didn't get to work that much. I had a lot of time to read the bible, so that was nice! I finished Luke and almost all of acts! Acts 20 through 23 are my new favorite chapters!

We're going to the mission home later because We fulfilled the zone goals!!!! FOOD GAMES!!! FINALLY!!! I haven't done anything fun because there are like 20 new rules that we've been living. Seriously... I haven't had real fun in like 6 months........

I'm so happy about all the mission calls!

Macklemore apparently blew up!! Is Bianca still dancing for him?? Hopefully, I can get a spot on his dance crew after my mission. LOL

The new famous song here is Gyomi a Korean song, its actually really catchy, I learned the dance too haha.

We have 5 baptisms next week. We're blowing this branch up haha.
We had 9 investigators at church on Sunday, so It's been a good work!

Next week I've been out for a year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! It'll even go by faster after that!!!! That means Dad served the same fire extinguisher twice now and the next time he goes back to that business I'll be there with him!!! 

Haha, I'm definitely not done with my mission though, I have many more miracles to witness!

Love you all, thanks so much for all the letters!!