Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Jan 27th

I have a son!!
Yup, you all got the news. Its pretty sick! That's my trainee or "son" in the mission! Its so much fun being a trainer and seeing results from your leading! Its such a great feeling! He isn't yet fluent in Tagalog so ironically I'm helping him in Tagalog haha his first language is Cebuano. His name is Elder Godinez. He is super nice! Were seriously just so happy all the time! haha, He has a killer tenor voice and we sing during every lesson. One investigator even cried after our singing of "God Be With You Till We Meet Again"! It was so sweet my talent being used to help people feel the love of Christ and his spirit. My patriarchal blessing is all starting to make sense now and I'm so blessed to have him as a trainee. Although I am teaching him the lessons and teaching him all the technicalities of the mission , I am growing just as much and if not more as him. As soon as I stepped on the field as a trainer the gift of tongues became as real as this computer in front of me, and "I am able to do all things through Christ who strengthened me (Philippians 4:13)."

Besides the wonderful blessings of training I got to go to the mission home! I have a new best friend as well. Elder Wecker from Maui. We have a ton of plans on the islands when we get back! Hes gonna go to BYU-H. we are both trainers and we got to stay the night at the mission home together. Oh ya and the food was wayyyyy good!!!

I hope you got my birthday list!

We got put on the weekly news bulletin as the cleanest house and got our picture on the letter as well! I told you I was clean now! haha. Its close to everyones birthdays now.. I hope I find a mail center soon.

This is the best time of my life! 4 months in the field and 18 more! I pray for you all everyday! Take care!

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