Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Feb 3


Ill start off by telling you that I got verbally attacked the other day by a drunk, it was really funny. He was in the US navy for 30 yrs so he knew how to speak English but it was still really bad. Anyways, he was wasted and was yelling at me, telling me if I spoke Tagalog he would punch me. So I start agreeing with everything he was saying and then he got pissed at my companion and put a fist out saying don't speak Tagalog, but my companion is Filipino so I flexed my chest a couple times and got in his face and beared my testimony and walked off. Fun times here, seriously.

I got 9 referrals this past week which all turned into progressing investigators. That's amazing if you don't know. I gave the members a challenge to give a pamphlet to their friends and they did and we followed up and they'll all investigators! We got 20 new investigators the past two weeks! We're killin it, even though we're new! And we got 3 baptisms coming up too! We're seriously killin it out here.

We're teaching a man that killed someone for self defence and I got him a meeting with the MISSION PRESIDENT. Yup, I'm able to do things like that :)  and now he and his family is going to be baptized and this humble man is going to prepare to go to the temple and do the work for the man he killed. (he's a native Ayta from the mountains, they're a black people with their own language. He ran a triathlon against a bunch of foreigners and they hike miles and miles of mountains, run 30 miles and swim 80 kilometers and he won! He's a beast in the mountains the locals say haha:). Anyways, I see him as a future leader. We are also baptizing a family tomorrow!

Dad, I know how to solve the Rubik's cube now. When I get back you'll know how to do it too! 100% positive! I know all the combinations!

Anyways, its getting too hot over here... I hope it rains soon. Tell me about the snow, I heard you had some?

Love you all! Send me a memory stick with a ton of tabernacle music on it! My trainee is SOOO Awesome and we love life! I don't know If I told you but there are 4 missionaries in my house and 2 of us are training. Yeah, its way legit!

Elder Kapeliela

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