Wednesday, July 18, 2012

When Beau (Elder Kapeliela) was called back in February it seemed like this day would never come! Well it did! Last night he was set apart as a missionary and it felt like a warm blanket was wrapped around me! I am so grateful for a Heavenly Father who without asking knew I needed comfort because I certainly was on the verge of blubber out loud crying! When we woke up this morning (after less then 3 hours of sleep) I still felt the comfort and made it to the airport without falling apart! Of course I did cry, but it was controllable. It was so wonderful when we went and dropped off his luggage, the man behind the counter said, welcome Elder, where are you going? He said he was so sorry to have to charge for the bags, and said if it was up to him he wouldn't! Then walking to the gate a lady yelled out, "Where are you going Elder?" Then we got to the gate and saw a few more Elders and their families. One woman came up to me and said is this your first one you've sent out? I said yes. I asked her the same and she said she wasn't a member and it was her only one. She said he was baptized 2 years ago and wanted to go. The look on his face did look joyful, and happy. This mother seemed unsure about this, and in my non sleep fog, no wonderful, spiritual thing was coming to my mind but: "He is really doing a wonderful thing". She said : "I have heard that". As we stood there with tears in our eyes waiting til the last possible moment, until we couldn't see them anymore. I was so happy that my son was walking with her son and I saw them talking. As we were walking away I looked over at her and smiled, she smiled back. I hope and pray she finds comfort.

I still feel like I'm in a dream and I haven't woke up yet! Well, it's only the first day!

He is in the MTC (Mission Training Center) in Provo, Utah and will be leaving on Sept. 17th to Olongapo, Philippines. He will be learning to speak Tagalog.

I can hardly wait to get his first e-mail and find out how his first week will be!

Please follow this blog if you want to find out about Elder Kapeliela at the MTC and beyond! I will be posting his letters as well. I should be getting one a week.

Posted by the proud mom :-)

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