Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Here's my first email from Elder Kapeliela:
Sorry is took so long to get a computer! My P-Day is on Tuesdays. I hope you got my letter! No need to send me any cookies or cinnamon rolls anymore, our zone gets the most food out of allll the missions haha. When I got here around 10 am we automatically started class and didn't get to eat till 6. My roommate is Derek Woodruff and I swear he's gonna be the prophet one day, he is a saint! I love him! My room has 6 elders in it. Elders Mason Marshall, Edgar Reynoso, Nico Sanchez, Bundy, and the other 2 in the district are in a room with Germans, they are Elders Patrick and Pistorious. We are 3-0 in soccer and no one can touch us! I got a hat trick the first game! I always yell Viva la Reynoso cause he's a steller mexican soccer player and always kicks the ball of people and gets dream goals, although no one here is as good as Bryan there are some college players from Virginia and Utah that play. The gyms finally opened up again tomorrow so I can make my dad proud and dunk on everyone! haha, there are so many people here, about 2,400! Oh, and the sisters in my district are Sisters Tulikihihifo, Wilkins, Peckam, and Len Wai, shes from Molokai and can speak fluent Hawaiian! We dance and sing Hawaiian all the time! I struggled my first couple days with being away from everyone but I got over it finally after a blessing Elder Woodruff gave to me, and yes he is a direct descendant as the Prophet Wilford Woodruff. Expect some great pictures soon!

My second day here they called me as the district leader, its the hardest job in the MTC, sooo many meetings and responsibilities and people come to me for advice for once in my life haha. I have felt the blessing of leadership and have been given the gift of tongues for helping others with there problems as well as my Tagalog!

I can already pray and bear my testimony fluently! I have already become a better person, and will be a better father and husband because of this experience. There is not one person that I don't like! I try to get along with everyone! I've seen all my friends from college and its so dramatic when we see each other! It brings me back to Laie. Elder Takasaki and I watched Elder Bednars talk on how to recognize the spirit and it changed our lives!

Please send pictures of family, and anything else you want!

I hope EVERY knows about Dear Elder, if not, tell them mom. Letters make my day BRIGHTER THAN BRIGHT! Just anything, even a Hi and I will shout for joy!

So for the Hunger Games fans; I was walking down the hall and I started doing the Hunger game whistle and said "2 lucky contestants will be elected from the 13 districts for the 78th annual HUNGER GAMES!" And eeeeeveryone started dying! Like 50 people, funniest moment yet since the MTC is a district hahahaha, good times. I'm the only person going to Olongapo except 2 random kids from another area, they're cool though!

There are 3 elders here that I danced Hula with so we met up at the Book store and started doing and singing the dances, it was hilarious!! We had a crowd gathering and we're pretty much celebrates now.

Dad you were right, it is like EFY. I also didn't know girls would be in the same district, that was way different than expected. I honestly don't know why, after being here, that ALL girls don't go on a mission. It's weird to me.. The foods alright, my companions vegetarian haha. But I eat everything, I stayed 195 pounds though so I'm not worried yet, in fact its so hot I sweat all day!

My testimony has never been stronger and I love the book of mormon and I'm grateful to be a missionary. When ever I'm down I pray for the savior to take the pain away and every time I do I am blessed with peace and am happy to do my studying, I am literally studying for 14 hours and feel so blessed to be here.

I love you all! Mahal kita! Elder Kapeliela

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