Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Holy Week! 4-14-14

It's holy week (something I never noticed in America) and everyone's getting their saints and engraven images ready for this Friday. Also in a couple of days I'll get to see some people try and do as the Savior did and whip themselves for 3 hours walking from church to church bowing to their abominable gods in despicable ignorance thinking that if they do what they do they and their families will be clean from sin, hanging and nailing themselves on crosses blaspheming and mocking their Savior for their own vain recognition and benefit not realizing that they are in open rebellion against God. You can probably tell I disagree with what they are doing. Anyways, not looking forward to that.

We went back to Mt. Samat today, it was awesome, I love the fresh air up there. The spirit is so strong up there where you can learn of the heroes from the "Battle for Bataan." I sent you all letters last week, you should get them pretty soon. I love the couple missionaries so much! Elder and Sister Levin. they took us out to eat a Pizza hut! That was one of the best meals I've had here in the Phils.

This is now my second to last transfer and its already going by super fast! Its already Monday?! Does it go by fast for you guys too? I have my travel plans now. Don't be late Wednesday morning of June 18th.

If you ever want to know where I am in the Philippines just go to and search for my ward (Cupang ward, Balnga stake) and you can see me and my housemates/companion.

We are still expecting to get 14 baptisms as a zone this month and our companionship will have 6. we are baptizing a family after we get them married (their marriage and baptism is the same day). We're finishing up there papers tonight. I'm super excited to see them all in white. (Capasite family)

Conference was great. It was hard to watch here though because the satellite wasn't picking up the signal very well at all. It was choppy and there are some key words I didn't hear from some talks. It was the Sunday morning session that was super choppy. At first I was frustrated and complaining a lot. But as I started understanding what the talk was about that changed. I noticed the the talk was about gratitude, President Uchdorf was talking. I realized that I shouldn't complain but be grateful that I was even there. To be grateful that I was in the best mission in the world with the best missionaries and President. To be grateful that my families safe and that I am safe. I had nothing to complain about after that talk and was able to still enjoy it despite the technical difficulties. 

I enjoyed what Elder Oaks said during the priesthood session that there is no such thing as getting stepped-up or stepped-down. There is only going forward or backward. The call of a Bishop is no more important for the person called than a hymn book collector. It's how they magnify their calling. I also want to remind you to read your scriptures daily. It's a requirement to be exalted. If you don't believe me I can prove it. Also do your home and visiting teaching. Elder Packer in an other conference said there is not a more sacred calling than that. If your families that you home teach aren't at church do you call them and ask how they're doing? If they're sick, do you go visit them? This is just a reminder, I know your doing it, I just know I would want a reminder after my mission. 

It was a good conference. Make sure that you each actively order the Liahona's so I have something to read when I get home! and also so you can read all the talks again. I know that it's sometimes hard to focus the full 10 hours. Oh ya, and if there are sessions you missed, than watch them. Watch ALL of them. It is also a requirement to be exalted to watch all sessions. Don't believe me? I can prove that too haha. 

I love you all! Keep up the good work but make it faster! the Lord is hastening His work and I'm in the middle of it seeing it's effects so DON'T slow down! The fruits are good.

Elder Kapeliela

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