Monday, August 11, 2014

April 1, 2014

Hey family, I had a great week. We worked really, really hard. We had a service project last Friday where we moved someone out of there house to a new house across the street and helped paint their huge dog kennel and some other things. It was nice to do some genuine hard work again. It feels good serving.

But wow, what a month it has been!!! Our mission made history this month!!! Yesterday we had a mission wide activity at the mission home where we got to play sports, eat roasted pig, have a North vs. South capture the flag game (My South side won!) and watch 17 miracles! All 188 of us in the whole mission! Why? Because we achieved the standard of excellence as a mission for baptisms and less active returns!!! The standard of excellence is 2 baptisms per companionship, and 2 less active returns per companionship. Therefore the standard of excellence was 188 baptisms and 188 Less active returns. We got as a mission 188 baptisms on the dot, and 225 Less active returns. WE DID IT!!! We made history.
Our zone got 14 baptisms and 21 less active returns. There are 14 of us so we got standard of excellence as a zone for baptisms and over achieved for Less active returns! 2 baptisms fell through on Saturday from a couple areas but from smart following up and resolving concerns we got them back!
For me and my companions area we got 3 baptisms and 4 less active returns. One fell through on Saturday but that night we went to their house, solved their concern, and baptized them the Sunday morning right before sacrament meeting!

This was the most stressful, hard, challenging, and trying month of my entire life. We couldn't sleep, couldn't even eat some times we were so stressed and nervous. But all those hours walking in the sun in this summer season, ears on the phone, and sickle to the harvest payed off. I know that this work is true. The Lord gave us those souls. I know the field is white, already to harvest, and that He is hastening his work. This work is true. This is the only true church and I can't hold myself back from telling every person I see. I know my time is winding down but I am tenacious, and only speed up. I know we were called and reserved for these last days because we are the best. Let us show the Lord our best in His work and glory and bring His sons and daughters back to him. I pray every night that you will stay true and faithful till the end. I love you all so much. I love this work so much. I will never forget the true meaning of March Madness.

Elder Kapeliela

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