Thursday, December 20, 2012

November 11th

Miss ya all! I've been gone for 4 months now... wow, that means six more 4 month periods like this and I'm done! That is so crazy! I don't like how fast its going! But maybe you all do haha. Think about it, there is only 1 summer where I won't be home! I actually think that's pretty cool. Except that I can't light fireworks... I haven't changed much in physical looks at all... I do sweat and walk alllll the time, but I do eat a lot haha. So I think I'm still the same weight to be honest. I'm starting to think in Tagalog before English now and my Tagalog is better. I still wouldn't say I'm fluent though. I can understand my companion fluently but some people I just really cant understand well because they sound drunk. Everyday is still like the first day I was here. The people are still running at me like I'm an alien, and still freak out when they see an American. But anyways I had some extra time so I sent this.
 Love you all!

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