Thursday, October 25, 2012

I Am Quite Good at Doing Laundry by Hand! No Cuts!

A couple of notes I received recently

The acid is all gone and no scars, all good! The sterilizing thing was on it! A full meal here is around 1.20 which is like 3 dollars American money! haha everything is suuuper cheap. I give my clothes to a member now, it helps them with money sooo much and its a blessing for them. Yes, I am quite good at doing laundry by hand, no cuts!  ;)

Smile, because I'm fine. :)) I have my family! Nothing can stop me from being happy when I'm doing the lords work. NOTHINg. I feel that same spirit I felt at the lesson now. It's real mom, the spirit told me. I'm 100% positive. Never doubt I love you! I miss you all, but every week is so fast I can't even believe it's almost transfers!!! I'll eat 2 balot this transfer hahaha bye :) I'm happy, K buh bye! They say buh bye here, haha. I'm gonna go shop at Balanga!

Elder Kapeliela

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